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Housing Justice Center is hiring Strategic Coaching Associate & Policy Advocate - Housing Justice Center

**HJC is no longer accepting applications for this position**


The SHiP Collaborative is an independent organization that consists of 11 members who represent diverse personal experiences navigating the homeless response system in the Twin Cities seven-county metro. SHiP provides thought leadership on solutions to end homelessness and advance housing justice.  

SHiP members co-created the Blueprint to Regionalization, including the Twin Cities Regional Kitchen Table (RKT) over the last two years. RKT was launched in December of 2021 to start a regional journey to end homelessness, transform the housing system, and achieve justice. Through RKT, SHiP convenes with stakeholders including counties, tribes, Minnesota Housing, DHS, and Continuums of Care (COCs).  SHiP members identify as activists, community organizers, and workers at the front line of homeless services. Some members hold seats in other groups such as the Regional Experts Network (REN), the Director’s Council of the SMAC COC, and community organizing groups such as No More Streets, Cultural Wellness Center, local county homelessness advocacy groups, and youth advocacy groups. 

Housing Justice Center (HJC) is a nonprofit public interest legal and policy advocacy organization dedicated to the production and preservation of affordable housing and the protection of the rights of people who need affordable places to call home. The tools we use for this work are community organizing, research, education, policy advocacy, and legal advocacy. 

Our primary goals are to: 

  1. Prevent affordable housing loss, tenant displacement, and exploitation of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) households, people with disabilities, and low-wealth people
  2. Ensure people have real choices for safe, healthy, affordable, accessible, culturally adaptive, and convenient housing 
  3. Support communities in building power to drive decision-making about their housing future 

HJC partners with SHiP by providing strategic coaching to the collaborative and assisting the collaborative in achieving its objectives. This position involves two primary and related areas of work: providing direct support to the SHiP collaborative and growing HJC’s capacity to engage in policy work. This position reports to HJC’s President. This is a hybrid position with some in-person work required in the Twin Cities. 

SHiP/RKT Strategic Coaching 

The Strategic Coaching Associate & Policy Advocate’s primary responsibility is to partner with SHiP Collaborative members to facilitate and execute Twin Cities Regional Kitchen Table activities and convenings that advance and achieve the 2023 goals and priorities. This includes strategy planning for 1:1 engagement with RKT members, building group processes that support participation at RKT meetings, and increasing response and action from RKT efforts. This position is also responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and drafting policy recommendations at the city, county, state, and federal levels focused on homeless prevention and housing stability in Minnesota.  

Specific responsibilities: 

  • Support SHiP Collaborative members in their leadership development as policy advocates and conveners of government stakeholders. 
  • Draft policy action alerts, analyses, talking points, public comments, and other communications materials to inform and support the leadership of SHiP Collaborative members in advancing RKT priorities.  
  • Forecast resources (i.e. funding, technology) needed to reach objectives in an effective and efficient manner on behalf of SHiP and to advance RKT.  
  • Monitor and research legislative matters that impact prevention-oriented goals and priorities identified by RKT.
  • Alongside SHiP members, develop and implement an action plan to advance issue priorities resulting in real desired impact.  
  • Support the development of materials for public presentations and webinars to regularly communicate and advance SHiP/RKT efforts and impact. 
  • Actively participate in SHiP’s internal strategic development and expansion. 
  • Foster the creation of an inclusive culture that centers equity. 
  • Track SHiP expenses and submit monthly expense reports/receipts. 
  • Cultivate new and existing relationships between SHiP/RKT. 

HJC Policy Advocacy 

In addition to supporting the SHiP collaborative, this position will provide support to HJC’s policy advocacy work on the federal state, and local level. In collaboration with the HJC team, this position will work with community partners to advocate for policies that lead to a more just, fair, and equitable housing system.  

Specific Responsibilities: 

  • Identify, track, and advise on proposed legislation on the federal, state, regional, and local level.
  • Conduct research for HJC’s specific projects.   
  • Support legislative and other outreach efforts with internal and external partners.
  • Actively elevate and center the leadership of communities directly impacted by injustice.
  • Cultivate relationships with key elected and appointed officials, policy makers, and related governmental bodies and leaders.
  • Develop respectful and productive relationships and coordinate advocacy efforts with impacted populations and partners.
  • Advocate for HJC’s policy positions through meetings with lawmakers, public testimony, grassroots efforts, and other effective advocacy methods.
  • Prepare and edit policy and advocacy materials in collaboration with other HJC staff, including action alerts, talking points, issue briefs, letters, press statements, opinion editorials, website updates, and legislative and public policy reports.
  • Engage in public speaking and effectively communicate about HJC’s policy work with coworkers, constituents, and outside agencies. 


  • Direct experience collaborating with individuals who have lived experience of housing instability and/or homelessness.  
  • Willingness to be a teacher and student at the same time with a group of subject matter experts.  
  • Working knowledge of local, regional, and state homelessness and affordable housing response system and policy/advocacy processes. 
  • Background in community organizing, policy advocacy, and systems design roles.  
  • Cultural knowledge of the community they represent.
  • Ability to communicate in ways that people can understand.
  • Values the importance of adaptability and keeping things simple.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively.
  • Ability to listen, gather and identify what is important from multiple sources and determine the action(s) to implement. 
  • Self-starter with demonstrated ability to execute strategies and initiatives.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel).
  • Commitment to equity and social justice.
  • Willingness to work in hybrid setting with some in-person work required in the Twin Cities. 
  • Valid driver license and reliable transportation.
  • Ability to attend late afternoon and evening meetings (generally 3-6pm).
  • Willingness and ability to engage in a variety of roles.


The Strategic Coaching Associate and Policy Advocate is an employee of HJC. This position has an annual salary of $60-65K on a full-time basis plus benefits, including vacation time, sick time, health insurance, dental insurance, and participation in our retirement plan. We are willing to entertain flexible scheduling arrangements.  

Housing Justice Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer. HJC is committed to diversity in the workplace. BIPOC applicants, women, and persons with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply. Reasonable accommodations provided upon request for interviews. 

TO APPLY: Please send a resume and cover letter to Margaret Kaplan at info@hjcmn.org. We will begin reviewing applications on June 12, 2023. The position will remain open until filled.