Supporting the development of deeply affordable housing

Safe, stable, affordable housing is out of reach for hundreds of thousands of households in Minnesota and millions across the country. Dismantling barriers to the creation of affordable places for people to call home is central to our work. Through education, litigation, and negotiation, we unlock the potential of federal and state resources, and counteract the forces of NIMBY to ensure that we are creating housing opportunities for  low income families throughout Minnesota and across nationwide.

We do this by:

  • researching barriers to creating more deeply affordable homes
  • fighting for deeply affordable housing through policy
  • advocating to increase investment in the housing we need to most
  • legal advocacy to push for fair housing policy

Our Work in this Area

Affordable homes through long range planning: Setting the table for success

Local governments play a critical role in setting the table for affordable housing development. This includes helping with site identification and acquisition, providing needed zoning and regulatory flexibility, and contributing to filling financial gaps. This “table setting” happens most effectively when it is part of a deliberate plan to diversify a community’s housing choices. Challenging and ambitious goals cannot be accomplished without a plan.

HJC advocacy for Inclusionary Housing policies paying off

Inclusionary housing policies, also referred to as Inclusionary Zoning or Mixed-Income Housing, are local government policies where market-rate housing developers are either required or incented to include affordable units in market-rate apartment buildings.

HJC challenges lack of affordable housing in region’s largest redevelopment plan

The former Twin Cities Army Ammunition plant site (TCAAP), located in Arden Hills, is slated for redevelopment. Following removal of all structures and environmental cleanup, this “blank slate” site is the size of all of downtown St. Paul—the largest redevelopment opportunity in the Region. After many years of on-again-off-again planning, there is now a plan.

HPP Contributes to National Fair Housing Debate

Should funds to build affordable rental housing be targeted to "high opportunity" suburban neighborhoods or to low income inner city neighborhoods?  This debate between advocates of mobility strategies versus in-place strategies has continued for several decades...