In Minnesota and nationwide, HJC works with advocates, tenant organizations, preservation purchasers and others to craft and implement preservation strategies for individual housing developments.  HJC also focuses on broader policies related to a number of affordable housing preservation issues.

We work in collaboration with:

Housing 2021

This coalition of Twin Cities housing and community advocates was formed by HJC to monitor and influence local planning and land use decisions to encourage more affordable housing development; explore and share policy opportunities to protect and expand tenant rights; address threats to affordable housing through preservation strategies, and to give advocates and practitioners from across the metro a space to share ideas, strategies, and information. It also serves as a point of connection for community organizers, policy advocates, and legal advocates to share their work and to collaborate on solutions.

Fair Chance Collaborative

In 2018, HJC, the Family Housing Fund, the Alliance and a group of community-based organizations including Community Stabilization Project, Frogtown Neighborhood Association, Pueblos, HOME Line, New American Development Center and African Career Education and Resource Inc (ACER) launched the “Fair Chance Project,” in an effort to understand the impact of tenant screening policies of people trying to find housing, understand the differences between how landlords and tenants perceive the tenant screening process, and develop a set of evidence based best practices for tenant screening that will reduce barriers for people who need housing the most. 

National, State, and Regional Coalitions

HJC participates in a large number of local and national coalitions including