Housing Justice Center is proud to announce the appointment of Walter Battle as the Chair of the Board of Directors, replacing Rick Kahn, who has served in the role since 2008. Walter Battle is now the third Board Chair since the organization was founded as the Housing Preservation Project in 1999. Martha Hernandez-Martinez, Senior Research Associate at Rainbow Research, has been named as Vice-Chair, and Howard Goldman as Treasurer. Eric Hauge, Executive Director of HOME Line, will serve as Secretary. Together the Board of Directors and President Margaret Kaplan will work to address key housing justice issues, including the impact of COVID-19 on renters statewide.

“Since its founding in 1999, the Housing Justice Center has played an indispensable, often unique role in its advocacy on behalf of preserving and expanding the availability of affordable housing for low-income individuals and families throughout the State of Minnesota. Being a Board member, and the Board Chair from 2008 until 2021, has given me a deeply appreciated opportunity to support and engage in this vitally important work, and help make a real difference,” said Kahn, who will help Battle transition into his new role. “I welcome Walter Battle, a valued colleague on the Board, to his new position as Board Chair, and will do everything I can to contribute to his successful leadership of the organization.”

“I am excited by the opportunity to serve in this role. I’d like to thank Rick and the other Board members for their mentorship, support, and their tireless efforts that have set us on the path to continued success,” added Battle. “The Housing Justice Center continues to be purpose-driven. Our actions will continue to have a positive impact on the people and communities served by our dedication to openness, fairness, and authenticity in our work to preserve and expand affordable housing.”

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