Housing Justice Center

is a nonprofit public interest advocacy and legal organization whose primary mission is to preserve and expand affordable housing for low-income individuals and families.

Our Approach

HJC welcomes new attorney, paralegal, and rental assistance navigator

Housing Justice Center has grown remarkably over the last few months, welcoming Larry McDonough, Zaria Whitlock, and Markanetta Smith to the team. “Increased staff capacity means the increased ability to support strategies for housing justice in the Twin Cities and beyond,” said HJC President Margaret Kaplan. “We are excited and honored to have Larry, Zaria, and Markanetta on board.”

Fixing a hole: the Fritz defense revisited

Read Housing Justice Center Housing Rights Attorney Jim Poradek and Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid attorney Luke Grundman on the unconstitutional “pay-to-defend” barrier in Minnesota eviction actions: “The pay-to-defend requirement has turned Minnesota eviction actions into a one-way street flowing straight toward eviction; due process has become a meaningless promise to the poor.”

RentHelpMN and the eviction moratorium off-ramp

Over the past 16 months, we saw the statewide eviction moratorium function as a powerful public health intervention that kept people in their homes. And while our desire for a world with no evictions remains, we now face the end of the eviction moratorium and an incoming surge in evictions.

Find free legal help using LawHelpMN.org and apply to RentHelpMN via RentHelpMN.org or by calling 2-1-1 today.