Housing Justice Center

is a nonprofit public interest advocacy and legal organization whose primary mission is to preserve and expand affordable housing for low-income individuals and families.

Our Approach

HJC announces new Board leadership

Housing Justice Center is proud to announce the appointment of Walter Battle as the Chair of the Board of Directors, replacing Rick Kahn, who has served in the role since 2008. Martha Hernandez-Martinez has been named as Vice-Chair, Howard Goldman as Treasurer, and Eric Hauge as Secretary. Together the Board of Directors and President Margaret Kaplan will work to address key housing justice issues, including the impact of COVID-19 on renters statewide. 

HJC supports community call for equity and affordability at Lexington and University

The conversation around the two vacant lots at the intersection of Lexington Parkway and University Avenue is two years in the making, encapsulating the tension between community needs and developer priorities. Housing Justice Center works to protect and expand affordable housing, so a proposed development close to transit with no meaningful, substantiated commitment to affordability was a natural place for HJC to intervene. 

Opening the Door: Tenant Screening and Selection

We partnered with Family Housing Fund to publish a new report examining the methods and systems used by landlords to screen and select tenants. We found that the current methods and systems used are often unpredictable and can result in disparate treatment, the consequences of which extend beyond prospective tenants and their families to communities and society as a whole.